How to make a home made bubble etch tank for under a tenner!

Bubbly goodness!
First you need

1 tub (pound shop)
1 plastic bin (pound shop)
1 fish bubble pump (£7 inc postage off ebay)
Some rubber tubing (hanging around – or could come with pump)
2 Cable ties
Hot glue gun
Red tape (blue might also do…. yellow may do but have problems – white tape cannot be used 🙂
screw driver
1 hour of spare time
1 sunny after noon in the conservatory (optional)
got all that stuff? lets bubble!

Make the hole for the bubble tube

Warm up the bottom (thats right mindy – the bottom) of the container as this is where we will insert the tube. Were going to put it here because of pressure issues… namely.. we dont want any!

Heat the bottom wi…

By: Dandymon

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