In this instructable I will teach you to make your very own plating machine.A plating machine can take minerals like copper silver,gold, and nickel to another object a.k.a the job.This machine is very small but if used wrong can be very will be using electricity and acid so it is very unsafe in the hands of a newbie. WARNING DO NOT RUN MORE THAN 12 VOLTS THROUNG THIS SYSTEM FOR YOU COULD START A FIRE!This is my first REAL instructable for the other one is now being shredded by avg antivirus.(it is being written over 10 times just to make the people who comment on the last one happy!)

Gather the materials

For this project you will need:
1 pop can
1 bottle of vineger
2 aligator clips
1 job/project you want to plate
1 peice o…

By: weebl

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