Bamboo Dining Table and Benches

I wanted to make a dining table that would last a lifetime. I had enjoyed having bamboo furniture at our office and I had a lot of 1’x8′ lengths to work with. I used a waterjet by OMAX for all of the cutting to experiment with a new kind of CAD/CAM joinery.

draw the table in CAD

I used Autodesk INVENTOR for the CAD for this project. Any cad would be fine as it is fairly simple 2D plates. I suspect you could even make this with illustrator or coreldraw as all the parts are just 2.5D (2D + thickness)

Make the dxf files ready for cutting.

I exported the bunch of files I wanted / needed for making the table as dxf’s.

The only two really important files are:


By: saul

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