Guitar Hero Killswitch Mod – Awesome for Jordan by Buckethead!

I think Buckethead is an AMAZING guitar player, and since they have Jordan in GH2, I decided to make a Killswitch.

First of all, A killswitch on a regular guitar cuts out the pickups on the guitar. Doing that causes a cool effect as heard in Jordan. Since the GH2 remotes are plastic, and don’t have pick ups… The killswitch does the exact opposite. It acts as if you were strumming, but instead you are pushing a button. It may make it easier, but it still looks cooler.

This is purely for fun, and really has no point to it except to look cool.

This is my first Instructable, so please critic anything that is wrong…
P.S. I couldn’t get the Note Boxes to work, Idk why.


By: KevinSaw

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