mepain’s sniper rifle

This instructable will be done in three parts-the basic version of the gun, the intermediate addon, and the expert long barrel. The basic version will still work even without some of the added support. Because of the lack of time i have, only the basic and intermediate versions will be posted now. The rest will have their own release dates in the future.

Step 1: basic ver.

We will begin by making the handle. Pictures 1 and 2 are the same thing, do NOT make 2 of them. Pay close attention to picture #5, there is a green rod in the connectors, it should stay there.

Step 2: basic ver.: butt and slide

Here you will make the butt and slide, as the title suggests. Pictures 1-8 are the butt. Pictures 9-21 are the slide….

By: mepain

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