Passover recipe: Matzoh Brei!

One of the great traditional Ashkenazi recipes I grew up with, and a way to make Matzoh all the more palatable. SImple and foolproof, too.


For each serving, figure on one egg, and one sheet of matzoh. Start by breaking up the matzoh, and soaking it in cold water until it’s soft. Drain the matzoh in a colendar.

Adding the eggs

Beat the eggs, adding a little salt and pepper to taste- about as much as you’d add for scrambled eggs. I also added a little chopped parsely. For a savory lunch or dinner dish, you can add herbs, maybe some diced and sauteed salami, or some minced shallot. If you were serving this for breakfast or brunch, as some do, you might add a little sugar.


Transfer the mix…

By: mje

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