We’ve added another one of our kits to our MAKE instructables group – Originally designed for the Maker Faire by Grand Idea Studio, the “Build Your Own Electronic Game Kit” is a custom-created kit intended to introduce you to the world of electronics and soldering. When successfully assembled, the kit becomes a version of the popular memory game, Simon, with a few optional twists. It’s available on the MAKE store.

This kit is extremely simple to construct even for beginners! If you need something to practice your soldering on (and get a cool result), get this. To learn the basics of soldering check out this great guide by noahw. Also, here’s a good video tutorial here.

Instructions are conveniently printed on the back of the unit, and most components don’t need to go in in specific orientation. (Only the LEDs and IC — so watch out for those steps). Also there are a couple of modes you can select depending on how you turn the game on – Link.

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