home made stun gun

learn how to make a stungun.in this instructable u learn how to make a tazer out of a kodac trow away camera.this is my first instructable so go easy on me.

A homemade stun gun is quite an easy hardware hack, all that is required is;

1)A disposible camera (Perferibly a Kodak one)

2)Soldering Iron

take apart camera

Step 1)First off, take off the protective plastic case of the camera.

remove batery & work

step 2)Remove the battery so you don’t shock yourself.

You’ll see a little light bulb about 3/4 inch long. Carefully remove that with out destroying anything.

solder time

You should see two pieces of copper on both sides of the bulb.(see picture, Red Circles) Solder one wire on to each one of th…

By: tylerzee

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