How to dry-sautee mushrooms for eating or storage!

Have a lot of mushrooms (or even a few) that you would like to save in the freezer, or mushrooms you would like to eat now without the water they contain diluting your dish? Dry Sautee them first!

Dry Sauteeing them will bring out their true flavor, while ridding them of the water that can make delicate dishes like souflees limp and soggy.
For some mushrooms, like these chanterelles, dry sauteeing is the only way to make them truly edible. This instructable will show you how!

Aquire and clean mushrooms

Get your boyfriend’s dad to give you 5+ pounds of wild chanterelle mushrooms.
(I admit this step could be difficult.)
Failing this, hunt for your own wild mushrooms with a mushroom exp…

By: Robyntheslug

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