This is coolest thing ever, a real 1940 Ford turned into a scale model, complete with paint!

A lot of effort went into making this. Ed had the idea and my ’40 was picked because most of the big parts are black (DP 90) and is still a project, so it was posible to use the fenders, running boards, etc. without too much trouble. We both have the actual model, mine being built in 1960, the issue year. Anyway, I don’t see how we can ever top this one! The table display is a 1/25th scale of everything in the actual “big” display, including flathead and nailhead engines, all six club cars, paint bottles, brush, X-acto knife, etc. The only item not correct is the ’48 Chevy model, painted to look like the ’39 DeSoto hemi-powered club car.

V8Bob’s 40 – [via] Link.

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