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We had nothing to do with this contest, but we love it! Videothing is having a contest for folks who have/build the new Cellular automata video synthesizer kit!

We’re so excited about the new video cellular automata kit from MAKE magazine, that we’re going to hold a contest to see who can make the coolest implementation of it- bend, hack, unexpected use or just a sweet case design, the sky is the limit.. Get the kit here and send your entries (pics, video, descriptions!) to wiley at mediatronica dot com. *

The winner will be chosen by a panel of Video Thing participants and the prize is your choice of a neuros mp4 recorder or an elgato eyetv hybrid! The deadline for submissions is July 1st of this year.

Video Thing: MAKE: Cellular automata video synthesizer kit & Videothing CONTEST! – Link.


  • Cellular automata video synthesizer kit (store) – Link.
  • Cellular automata video synthesizer kit (info) – Link.

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