Paper Kunai Knife

Finally a kunai made of paper (and a pencil)

Materials needed:

Paper (rectangle, not square)
Pencil (new and unsharpened)
Tape (duct tape recomended)

This is pretty simple and requires little origami knowledge.

Step one

Take a regular piece of paper and fold it in half long ways(hot dog style as the little ones would call it) and unfold so you have a nice crease. Then fold the edges in so you get a piece that looks close to the image.

Fold in half

Fold over the top towards you (hamburger style…) so it looks like the pictures.

Step 3

Remember those paper airplanes you used to (and maybe you still do) make? Do something like that here. Also it will help for later if you crease a line underneath the triangle p…

By: sonicthechao

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