String a Lacrosse Stick

Although, some of you might not play lacrosse, there are still some that do. You could also make some money off of this. This Instructable focuses on stringing a lacrosse stick using 5-Diamond mesh, and step-by-step way to do this. Every 5D mesh stick I see is, not strung wrong, but I’d say poorly. People underestimate it because it’s tough to string a nice, low whip pocket with. Follow these steps and you should be able to do it.

Lets Begin shall we?


(1)Lacrosse head
(1)piece of 5D mesh thoroughly stretched out
(1)lighter (be careful)
(1)scissors (be careful)
(1)19" top string
(2)20" sidewall string
(1)12" bottom string
(2 or 3)28" nylon shooter

Top String

**All of the pictures are in correspo…

By: Brennn10

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