Paper Gift Box

Lately I’ve taken to folding up paper to make stuff. This cube is one thing that I have stumbled across in my explorations of paper folding.

It’s pretty structural as far as paper cubes go and can hold a fair amount of stuff (which would make it ideal as a small gift box).

Go get stuff.

You will need:

A ruler
A cutting board
An 11" x 17" piece of paper (or equivalent)
An Exacto knife
A pencil
An eraser

Cut the paper to squares.

Cut your sheet of paper into two 6" x 6" squares.

Draw some lines.

Trace the fold lines on your squares.

The fold lines should be 1 3/4" in from each border. This will leave a 2 1/2" square in the center.


Fold along the fold lines you have just traced. First fold the paper so t…

By: randofo

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