Glowing & Flashing Multicolor Devil Duck

Here is a little something for People with a beginning understanding with electronics/soldering, that want an easy project that will attract chicks because, well, its a glowing duck! (And it has horns)
Sorry for the crappy pics but my camera is junk. And has no macro function

But here you can see the duck in the light and turned off.
Then you can see the power on and in the dark.

1 a U.V. reactive rubber ducky (I ordered This_one at oznium since it came with a UV LED)

2 Solder Iron/Gun

3 Solder (any size will work)

4 Electrical tape or Heat shrink tubing

5 Wire

6 A switch (I used a toggle but any will work)

7 A battery Holder (optional-…

By: Radioedit420

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