how to become a ninja

How to become a ninja:
Hello i am Gman2306 and i will guide you though the steps to become a NINJA. Your probly thinking why would i want to become a ninja?!?!? Well here are 3 reasons….

1. Ninjas ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!
2. You will suddenly gain the power of a ninja ( sorry no awsome numbchucks skills are included)
3. You will gain the knowlage of how to become a lvl 90 palidan on W.O.W

step 1

All you need is black shirt and 2 working hands

firs put shirt over head and put back at top and frunt under your nose. (like shown in picture)

step 2

then wrap sleaves around the back of your head and tie a grany knot

(again as shown in the picture below)

step 3

pull the top over your h…

By: Gman 2306

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