Real Genius
Christy from Instructables sent us all the deets on movies night if you’re in the Bay Area! She writes –

We’re hosting Nerd Pride Movie Night here at Instructables HQ at 8pm Friday the 20th of April.
First movie: Real Genius starring a young Val Kilmer. A fabulous nerd comedy classic from 1985- see it and recognize the source or all those great quotes.

Plot summary: A group of exceptionally bright students are unwittingly involved in the development of a military weapon.

We’ll provide the popcorn, you bring the beverages. RSVPs are nice, though not mandatory.

Location: Instructables, 2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CA
Note that the mapping programs don’t get our location exactly right. We’re in the control tower at the old Alameda naval air base.
Directions here.

What is Nerd Pride Movie Night?
Nerd Pride movies celebrate nerds doing their thing. These are not just movies for nerds, or movies nerds like to watch- these movies are classic examples of nerds using their science and tech skills to overcome overwhelming (and often ridiculous) odds.

We’ll be alternating Instructables Show & Tell with Nerd Pride Movie Night every month until we think of something even more entertaining to do. I’m toying with the idea of Bad Science Movie Night (The Core!), but we’ll see how the nerd classics fare first.

Nerd Pride Movie Night: Real Genius, 8pm Friday 4/20 at Instructables HQ – Link.

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