Spark Fun Electronics has some new stuff that is causing a paycheck diversion… (As always – MAKE isn’t affiliated with them in any way, I just like their stuff).


This is the new alternative to MP3 decoding. The VS1000 is a super-slick IC from VLSI that decodes Ogg Vorbis encoded music files. It’s open source so the price is cheaper! Way to go open source – Link.

If soldering tight pitch iPod connectors scares you, this breakout board will help! PodBreakout brings all 30 pins of the iPod connector out to nice 0.1″ spaced holes – Link.

Olimex has done it again! Another great little eval board for the MSP430FG4619 microcontroller. Board features a color LCD, triple axis MMA7260Q Accelerometer, SD card socket, and a joystick button –

Spark Fun Electronics – Link.

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