Here’s a quick and simple way to control servos with an AVR microcontroller, stiant04 writes –

This code is developed for the ATmega16 on tha AVR-stk500 trainer and can only control two servos with a ten step resolution (but this can all easily be changed). It is ment to show newbies (like me) how they can make a C program that controls RC servos…

(Remeber that RC servoes needs a 1-2 millisecond high pulse at 50Hz)

PORTA=switches , 0=S1++,1=S1center,2=S1– , 3=S2++,4=S2center,5=S2–
PORTB=Leds ,shows ten times the ms value(1-2ms -> 10-20 bin) for servo1
PORTC=Servo signal , PC0 & PC1

Just push a button to move your servos.
The servo vil return to center position when max or min value is reached.(sorry that most comments are in norwegian)

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