Color Wiimote Straps

Using some Rit dye, you can customize your Wiimote’s straps. I went with Blue and Fuchsia, and at $4 per color, that’s not a bad investment.

Go to the store and get some Rit dye.

I figured that dark colors would work best, so if you get yellow, you may be sad with the results. Take your box of dye home, and mix it with 1 cup of boiling water on your stove top. Keep the mixture on the stove, and then stir in your strap(s) (I found that 1-2 straps per bath works the best). Stir it around and make sure you move the plastic on the strap around or you’ll get a light spot. When you’re happy with the shade, rinse the strap under hot water until it runs clear, then under cold water for a few seconds. Let it dry and you’re …

By: GrueHunter

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