Thunder Eagle guitars made a fun looking guitar from copper pipes and gears –

The Villanizer started life as a Rhoads Jackson V. It’s not every day you take a band saw to a guitar that plays as well as this thing does. However, I had no distinct plan other then doing a mechanical look to it. But I had more of a Sci-Fi / Blade Runner thematic in mind at that moment.

After cutting, a spacer was cut and installed to join the two pieces of the body. Knowing damned well that wouldnt be a strong enough of a join for just about any player, the steampunk look hit me, and I went on to installing the copper pipe, and soldering the joints. You just cant have steam power without a gauge, so I cannibalized an old oil gauge and made a custom face in it with my name and a real complex readout.

Gears. Man I hacked more gears together then I knew what to do with, and inlaid them into a cut plexi frame that was then screwed into the body…

The Villanizer Custom Guitar – [via] Link.

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