I made a prototype of this right before making the MG you all know. But i was reluctant to post it, as you were all crazed over power rather than design. But now it seems that plain power is dull and you guys want somthing new; So now i bring you somthing new.

It shoots 10-20 feet at 3 per second.
Hopper holds 8 (Better to use it like a semi-auto).
Easily held in one hand.
Used PerfectDuck’s handle from Red Impact.


This is the main part of the gun, where all the magic happens.

1. Launch pad-thing
2. Firing pin
3. Firing pin attatched to launch pad
4. Main plates
5. Pinwheels
6. Pinwheels put on a rod
7. Pinwheels on rod + plate (Make sure the wheels are on how they show in the picture.)
8. Both plates on with a gear
9. Putting…

By: oodalumps

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