taking 360 degree panoramas from turning the camera to the middle, not outside.

here i have a small toy car which is standing in the middle of a slow moving turntable.
(1round / 30sec)

The Object

i placed the car in the middle of a turntable which is turned slowly by a motor from a "disco mirror ball".
the video camera (mini-dv) captures the car as it turns.

with 25 Pictures/Sec and a turning-time from 30 sec i end with 750 pictures.
(copy the DV-film via firewire from the camera and splice him into single images with your favourite movie-tool)

pixel crunching (or) the fun part…

this is the fun part.

now you have 750 images.

take the middel row of pixels from each of the 750 pictures and adjoin them to a new picture.
this shoul…

By: eric1000

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