So I titled this Y.A LED Flashlight(Yet another LED Flashlight). This was my first time actually using a PC-Board in a project, besides in kits. I am using 5 Blue LEDs, and 4 Green LEDs, making a cool light when turned on. So, just follow along and I hope you can do this properly. Please bear with me, as my digital camera’s quality is horrible.

Here we go!


Here is what you need:
Soldering Iron
Thin Solder
(1)Battery Clip
(9)LEDs *It is up to you how many you want to use*
(1)3 Volt Power Source
(1)PC-Board from Radioshack

Patience and anger management (both of which I do no have).

Study The Circuit

This picture of what the circuit should be was provided to me by TehMuffinator. This is the most vital piece o…

By: Brennn10

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