The mini cooker is ideal for frying 3" versions of English, American or Scotch pancakes. We have used a 500g fruit tin, but any similar sized tin-can will do. The cooking heat is provided by two tea light candles.

Materials and tools

The cooker body is made from a 500g fruit tin. This can is 3 1/4" in diameter, it should take two candles side by side.
Tin-snips, pliers and a skewer are required for construction of the cooker.
Cooking a pancake requires nothing more than a spoon and slice.

Construction of the mini cooker

Firstly take your empty fruit tin and wash it thoroughly with hot water to remove any labels and glue.
Then you will need to create a ring of air-holes around the top of the cooker. These are vital, as they allow air …

By: tz1_1zt

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