A cheap source of LEDs
A full torch / flashlight


I found a pack of six gas-lighters with built-in LED lights for a pound.

Dismantling these was fairly easy, as shown in the pictues, it’s not too dissimilar to ‘breaking’

If you’ve got LEDs already, skip this.

LED assembly

Wire all of the LEDs together.

I’ve pushed the +ve electrodes through a small piece of insulation and a bit of thick copper wire.
A quick bit of soldering and you’re done.

Next wire all the -ve electrodes together (see pictures). I’ve used individual copper strands from mains-cable, soldered and twisted.

Spend a bit of time getting the LEDs correctly aligned here.

Casting the head

I’m encasing the unit in resin, using a handy mould I found.

Holes …

By: lemonie

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