Here is what you can do with all those old/spare bike brake discs you have lying around!

You will need:

– bicycle brake disc
– cheap quartz wall clock
– superglue
– ruler
– 2 long bolts and 2 nuts to fit them (optional)
– brasso
– kitchen sponge + towel

Clean it up

If your brake disc is an old one and very rusty – like mine was – then get a little ‘brasso’ or other metal cleaning stuff and a kitchen sponge that you would use for washing up, and give it a good clean. It can get scratched easily if you use the hard side of the sponge, but with the rust being quite bad in my case, i didnt mind scratching it abit to get rid of the brown stuff. After it all comes off, get a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe it all off, it should become nic…

By: SerJ

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