Mother’s day is today…. Yeah, I’m a bit late with my gift, but I couldn’t finish it last night because it started to rain v_v

Anyway, here’s my creation: The Mother’s Day Flower

Spare Nuts & Bolts & nails & metals
Welding Helmet
Work Gloves

Start the Heart

Get two smallish bolts and put them at an angle, then weld together. This will be the top of the heart.

Next, plan out half the heart with larger bolts, then weld them together.

Flip the half-heart over and weld the underside, this will prevent the whole thing from breaking.

Start the Other Half

Okay, so now how are you going to make the other half exactly like the first?

First, line up two of the larger bolts next to the already welded heart…

By: T3h_Muffinator

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