this is a short small and sweet little magic trick that takes advantage of the "hand is faster than the eye" principle. the video is kind of to close so i hope the audio helps.

the set up

you will need an assistant, or if you think you can pick up the coins without letting people see whats in your hands. this is a colse up trick which means, once you get good at it, you can do it sitting accross from the person youre showing it to. any way, you need to have 4 coins that arent as big as quartars…unless you have huge hands.

your assistant/ur own hands

now you get ur assistant/hands(ill just say hands)to put 2 of the coins in your hands.1 in each.then close your hands and put 2 more on top of your fingers.

the dirty work…

ok, the …

By: A.C.E.

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