I have recently taken up sewing and have TONS of scrap fabric. So I decided to make these flower pins. They’re good to wear or to pin on tote bags, etc.


6"x6" Scrap Fabric
6"x6" Constrasting Scrap Fabric
6"x6" Interfacing (Optional)
Tissue Paper
Pin Backings
Scrap Cardboard 1" diameter circle
Decorative Beads, etc. (Optional)

Sewing Machine
Hot Glue Gun

Make Petal Template

I made the petals out of tissue paper – I just sketched them to my liking. They don’t have to be perfect.

Make petals on fabric

I traced around the tissue paper petals (after I cut them out). I also added some fusible interfacing to the fabric, at least, the large petals, to make it stiffer.

All the pieces are cut!

To give yo…

By: madebytrish

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