Colleen and Vincent’s AVR based alarm clock (source included) —

Alarm clocks are essential in almost everyone’s daily life. For most of us, we start our day to the sweet noise of our alarms. While some people wake up instantaneously to the first chirp of an alarm, some struggle everyday to get out of the bed. The Retractable Alarm Clock is the next generation alarm clock that combines both active alarm feature and penalty system that trains the users to wake up to the alarm over time. The clock in this projects consists of a head unit that is to be hanged on the ceiling above the bed and has a retractable snooze button which hangs to reachable height above the bed. When the user snooze the alarm, the snooze button moves up, promoting the user to physically get up and to snooze the next time.

ECE 476 Final Project – [via] Link.

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