This instructable will teach you how to create action replay codes for pokemon diamond or pearl.

Creating the Code.

Ok now if you want max money you would go to money and type in 999999, or if you want to edit the pokemon in bebe’s pc you go to
storage edit, than click on box and go to the box you want. now you click on pokemon 1 edit. If you want a level 100 shiny blastoise it would look like the photo. then click ok. you can do up to five at a time. be sure to put the name in as original name or it will show up as ????????

using the code

ok you then click ok and go back to the main screen and go to ARDS code out put and go to pokemon storage codes and go to the box you enterd before and and put in pokemon 1,2,3,4,5,ect. whichever on…

By: electro8512

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