How to make a wicked cool mp3 speaker dock in under an hour for free!


O.K. this is what you need!

1. A Box, like cardboard, i used the best cereal box ever!
2. A good amount of duct tape.
3. An MP3 player, mine is cool.
4. A set of speakers!
5. A… some scissors.
6. A pencil.

Do the front.

O.k. heres what you need to do…
Slice up the box! Trace around both of the speakers, leaving some space between for wires and such.

Trace around it! Seperators!

Trace around the speakers! Make it a rough sketch, no need to be fancy. Now measure out the seperators, the peices of cardboard that wil prevent the speakers from sliding. Tape them on, make them not wiggle to much.

Put on the bottoms!

Make a peice of cardboard that is t…

By: jackfr0st

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