I am about to reveal to you an ANCIENT butter making secret, to make butter it requires, shaking, shaking, shaking, MORE shaking, lots of shaking, but the end result is FANTASTIC. Homemade butter can be fun to make (if you are a butter enthusiast).And clean-up is very easy, you only need a few things
Whipping cream (Can be normal or heavy whipping cream)
1 Jar
1 measuring device (not necassarily needed)
1 Fresh strong arms,able to withstand alot of shaking

the whole process takes about… 10-20 minutes, the majority of the time is shaking. The rest is prep time and finish

Adding Ingredients

First you will want to measure out how much butter you really want to make. At the beginning of the recipe I measured about 1 cup of he…

By: theque

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