Gareth Branwyn ran the fantastic Mousey the Junkbots workshops at Maker Faire, here’s his write up!

Well, we’re back from the Maker Faire. Very tiring, but supremely satisfying. I’d really wanted to blog the event as it happened, but ended up spending nearly all day, both days, in the Make booth, building mousebots. At night, I was just too wiped to do anything but keel over.

Everything at a Maker Faire is cranked to 11: the size of the event, the creativity of what’s being presented, the excitement of the fairgoers, the diversity of the people who show up. So, YOU end up on 11. I heard this jacked amperage was experienced by both fairgoers and presenters alike. The common chant went something like: “This is SO awesome. I LOVE it! There’s too much! I’ll never get to see it all.”…

Makers Vs. The Blob :: Street Tech :: hardware beyond the hype – Link.

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