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We want to thank everyone who came out to Maker Faire, we’re exhausted! Posts will be a little light while we recoup!

  • New York Times, Worlds delightfully collide at Maker Faire – Link.
  • GeekDad’s Maker Faire booth – Link.
  • Extreme Nano. Nose-Picking Machines and More at Maker Faire – Link.
  • Wired – GeekDad. Maker Faire: Make Play Day – Link.
  • Wired – Cuteness Rules at the Maker Faire with Crafters Lauren Smash and Martin Hsu – Link.
  • Cult of Mac. Macs Used for Roomba Hacks at Maker Faire 2007 – Link.
  • CNET – Imagination becomes reality at Maker Faire – Link.

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