It’s time for another fundraising raffle from Handmade Nation! Help support this great film by purchasing a raffle ticket–only $2 each or $6 for 10. Here are the goodies you might win:

• Autographed copy of Knit Knit by Sabrina Gschwandtner
• Bead Simple by Susan Beal
• Tiger Mask Print by Matty8080
• CD mix pack by Zeizen Press
• Pin Pack by Catia Chen
• Handmade Nation pocket mirror
• 3 back issues of art bureau
• 2 sets of “Crafty Bits” stationary set
• Red fused glass super 8 belt buckle by Kiku

It all comes packed inside a gorgeous red silkscreened Handmade Nation Tote. For more info, check out the Handmade Nation blog.

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