WOW, was yesterday’s Safe Sparkle Rally ever fun! If you’re just tuning in, a whole bunch of crafty LA-area peeps–including CRAFT’s Carla Sinclair, Cathy of California, Cathie Filian, My Imaginary Boyfriend and many more–met up with The Crafty Chica in front of NBC Studios yesterday, to help spread the word of glittery love. We were hoping to grab the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, since her disdain for glitter has become a running joke on her NBC talk show. Looks like it worked, since her producers ended up coming out to film our rally. Check your local listings and tune into Ellen today to see us chanting our pro-sparkle slogans!


Here’s Cathie Filian of Creative Juice and her clever “Glitter is Not Litter” sign. Cathie is just one of many crafters who have donated glittery arts and crafts to the Crafty Chica’s charity fundraising efforts via Etsy. Just search for items with the “Idols Give Back” tag to find fun glittery stuff to buy–the proceeds will all go to charity. At last count, over $500 has already been raised–which proves to Ellen and everyone else that glitter can be used for good!


Naturally, you can’t start a rally on an empty stomach–so I whipped up some “Sparkle Scones” for breakfast, using colorful sanding sugar on top to mimic glitter. I’ll post the recipe later this week! To see more pix from the rally, check out the following blog entries and Flickr sets:

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