Makerfaire Subscription Deal

Get a FREE Maker Faire:Bay Area adult day pass ($25 Value) when you subscribe to Make or Craft through our Maker Faire store.
Subscribe to both and get two passes!
Already subscribe to Make or Craft? Now’s the perfect time to subscribe to the other, or to get a gift subscription for a friend, or for a school!

Get a subscription to MAKE for $34.95USD and receive 4 quarterly volumes over the next year. Sign up for the Digital Edition at no extra charge and enjoy access to each new volume via the web. Check out our FAQ for more info.

With over 190 pages and very few ads – MAKE is more like a book than a magazine, in fact it’s really a mook!

Need more info on how to get to Maker Faire Bay Area or where to stay? Check the travel info page for details & links.

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