Music Interfaces

Peter from CreateDigitalMusic writes –

We’re holding a competition for makers of musical interfaces at Yuri’s Night Bay Area, starting out the day’s events at 2:30 pm. There are some crazy projects in the lineup — a number of which will also be presenting at Maker Faire, including the bubblegum sequencer, custom controller hardware and music software, a table that senses live temperature data, a microtonal slide guitar, a DIY turntablist system, and even a homebrewed Nintendo DS music game.

If you stick around, at 3:30 on the same stage is a show-and-tell with for all sorts of DIY stuff … and we’ll have our own booth, so you can hang out and check out the projects.

The judges are tough, too — Roger Linn, the father of the modern drum machine and inventor of the MPC60, the lead singer from Freezepop, ubergeek Liz Enthusiasm, and guests. If you make it, come say hi!

Yuri’s night @ CDM

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