Here’s an update on the Escape from Berkeley, the non-petroleum road race from Berkeley to Vegas:

An interesting adventure had by all racers yesterday as we had to navigate around Tioga pass which had been temporarily closed (opening mid day yesterday, such is life). Some chose to go south over the 178 some chose to go north and try their luck with Ebbetts pass. At the end of the day we lost two more and had a surprise change in the ranks, with the Prisoners of Petroleum coming in First.

We followed the Neverwas crew with Judge Michael Michael North to go over one of the Northern passes. We even found Ol’ Beth, in Angels Camp to show Kristie’s Flyer what she could grow up to be some day. Going over Ebetts pass proved to be quite a challenge and Home School Heros and Kristie’s Flyer stayed the night in Lee Vining planning to catch up with us later today.

Vegas is our destination today. We will update with highlights from the awards ceremony.

BTW: You can see a list of the competitors here.


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