This weekend Syuzi Pakhchyan and I had the opportunity to show off Sparkfun’s new E-sewing kit and LilyPad Pro kit at Maker Faire Austin. Syuzi writes:

The Lilypad E-sewing Kit is a great starters kit for individuals tackling their first wearable LED project. The components in this kit can be used for either the Rockstar Headphones or the LED Bracelet in Fashioning Technology .


The E-sewing kit includes:

  • 5 LilyPad Bright White LEDs
  • 3 LilyPad Button Boards
  • 1 Coin Cell Holder
  • 1 Spool 4Ply Conductive Thread


The LilyPad Pro kit includes:

  • LilyPad Mainboard
  • LilyPad Power Supply
  • LilyPad USB Link
  • Mini USB Cable

Also just released is Massimo Banzi’s “Getting Started with Arduino” book, a fantastic beginner’s guide to this happy little microcontroller.
Via the Fashioning Technology blog.

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