After reading on Not Martha and Anh-Minh’s blog about the new Daiso Japan store that just opened up in the Bay Area, how could I not check it out? Right in Serramonte Center in Daly City, CA (about 20 minutes from San Francisco), the life/homewares store is a feast for anyone, especially a craft lover. Pretty much everything in the store is $1.50, unless otherwise marked. I don’t think I saw a sticker price for an item that was more than $3.

If you live in the Bay Area come by and stock up on a variety of paper from handmade, origami, wrapping paper, colored paper, and even colored foam-core board. There are ribbons and embellishments as well as a wide array of cute Japanese stationary. And don’t get me started on the pens. There’s a whole rack where all four sides are pens, pencils, you name it. Water color paints and acrylic paints adorn one aisle while a whole row of sketch books and notebooks lie on the other side. Did I mention almost everything is $1.50? You can easily get overwhelmed in the store because they literally sell everything. It’s also fun to check out all the humorous japanese products, especially in the Beauty department. I left the store with a bunch of crafty things from origami paper, tiny pink plastic scissors, basket-weave paper, green colored twine, a bunch of pens, and the origami owl kit pictured above. There are four stores in the US so far — 3 in Washington state and the 1 in California. Check out the oversea store list for more information. See the rest of the photos of my visit to Daisco Japan in Daly City. Link.

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