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Not really a surprise – RadioShack is closing down in Canada, so if you’re looking for a deal, might be worth a visit… I poked around and it appears that tools and parts are up to 60% off.

“RadioShack Corporation will close its nine company-owned stores in Canada by the end of January 2007 as the company focuses its attention and resources on strengthening its core business in the U.S.”Link.

In the USA RadioShack isn’t really the place you go for parts any longer, each year the selection shrinks to make room (and $) for cell phones and iPod accessories – what stores are our Canadian makers using (online and physical)? “The Source” is the Circuit City purchased, then renamed version of RadioShack, those are still around, but I don’t think they carry parts.

Here are a few, post more in the comments…

Places to shop:

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