Create Back Angle 550X413’s Michael Kanellos has the scoop on the latest bot from iRobot, an educational, programmable bot…

“At the Consumer Electronics Show, iRobot will publicly release its latest product, the iRobot Create, a programmable robot for entertainment and education. The base of the Create is similar to the Scooba, the company’s floor-mopping robot, and the carpet-vacuuming Roomba. It comes with wheels, motors for movement, and sensors that prevent it from tumbling downstairs or getting mired in corners.
iRobot Create

The brushes and fluid tanks, however, have been removed. Instead, the Create comes with a series of connectors that let users attach reticulating arms, cameras and other devices.”Link & gallery.

We have a unit here at MAKE and will post about this very soon!

iRobot Create- Link.

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