Huh – it’s not clear the status of this project but, here’s an interesting AVR based bot you can control/program/hack on…

“Tux Droid is a first generation 2.4 GHz wireless robot specially built for Linux.

Tux Droid will be your favorite smart companion. Connect him to your PC and make him flap his wings, dance around, talk, blink his eyes, and all the other stuff you can imagine…

  • Let Tux Droid dance when you receive an e-mail
  • Program Tux Droid as a guard dog to scare away intruders
  • Program Tux Droid as a wake-up clock
  • Take Tux Droid to your bathroom to listen to the news broadcast
  • Program Tux to be a remote control for your PC, activating multimedia applications
  • Program Tux Droid to function as a wireless VOIP phone
  • Or just show Tux Droid around to impress your buddies.

So hackers challenge your programming skillz !”
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