This was my entry for the Hack A Day business card size circuit contest. I just zipped up the files and put them on my website. I’m posting it here because all the other entries seem to be on a blog for easy access. Hopefully this will make the project more accessible and reduce the load on my server.

The attached archive is the contest entry as it was on my server, minus the images. The text is taken from the included document.

This PIC/EEPROM programmer is so simple and small it fits on a business card with enough room left for assembly instructions…

Simple JDM2 style PIC ICSP programmer (on a business card).

  • all through hole
  • less than 2USD worth of parts (in 1s and 2s!)
  • easy single sided construction at home (with 3 jumpers)
  • enough room left for assembly instructions
  • extra space on the back for even more business-cardy goodness
  • also programs/reads serial EEPROMS

Skill level:

Assembly time:
About an hour.

By: ian

More: continued here