Don’t ever iron your T-shirts again!
Give your first-string tee rotation the respect that it deserves.

Every decent human being has a dozen or so T-shirts that they wear on a regular basis. Some of them are concert shirts, some are them from college, some of them are from radio stations, and some are just plain gifts. Until now, there have been three choices in the care of these fine washables, once they’re dry:

1. Take them out of the dryer as soon as they’re done, and fold them.
2. Take them out of said dryer as soon as they’re done, and hang them in your closet.
3. Just leave ’em in said dryer, and iron them later.

But, folding clothes takes years and years of practice and refinement. It’s something that most of us will never perfect. And, you can’t hang T-shirts too many times, because the neck starts to stretch out. And third, everyone knows that ironing T-shirts is right up there with folding underwear, in terms of time mangement…

Enter: the T-Shirt Rack ( with NeckSaver)

Just slip ’em on the rack as soon as they’re dry, and fuggetaboutem!

By: Scrupulous

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