Adam writes –

“I developed my 4-channel, dual-purpose EEG/ECG box between September 2003 and March or April of 2004 with the gracious help of David Rosenboom at Calarts for use in my Medi[t]ations sound performance series. We combined schematics from his book Biofeedback and the Arts (available thru Frog Peak Press) with schematics from the article “Computers On The Brain” by Steve Ciarcia (in the June 1998 issue of BYTE magazine). We are also indebted to Ronald Kuivila who was instrumental in unlocking the mystery of how to get the low-frequency audio signal into my computer and subsequently into SuperCollider…” Thanks Dave! – Link.


  • Homemade Electrocardiograph – Link.
  • DIY ECG Electrocardiograph kit – Link.
  • Low cost ECG Tester – Link.

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