Luke writes in with some linux action to tinker with for PSPs… –

“The guys on this project have managed to boot a version of uClinux on the PSP. Status, Source, instructions and a variety of information is on the page. “Link.

From the site:
Depending on your perspective, maybe a lot, maybe nothing. It has minimal hardware support (the headphone jack serial port has a TTY driver, and, well, thats it really. Unless you count the CPU and the RAM.)

It boots. It mounts a root filesystem that is linked in with the kernel code. It loads an interactive shell and has a very minimal userland. At the moment, every binary is statically linked.

This is mainly a proof-of-concept. Hopefully now more people will help, and we can write device drivers for all the remaining hardware thats on this nifty little handheld.


  • PSP archives, hacks, mods and more @ MAKE – Link.

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